As a global citizen of healthcare industry, ACI Pharm has been actively associated in resolving local issues and problems, wherever it has business activities. Our Philanthropic Organization SAHAY FOUNDATION (www.sahay.org) plays important role in managing, organizing and running the social activities. We pay back to our community through following activities:

EDUCATION: We aim to help children, youth and desirous citizens to attain required education, enabling them to be self dependent and be the part of success of our society. We offer scholarship, mentoring, and training to qualified needy education aspirants.

HEALTH: Our medicines are meant for saving the life, not for trading the life. Our heart and doors are open for needy patients to save their life. We organize health camps and support local health services providers with our medicines and resources to improve health conditions. Expectant & nursing mothers, infants & children, and senior citizens are major beneficiary to our health missions.

EMPLOYMENT: Considering the employment opportunities in the growing economy we create incremental and meaningful work opportunities for unemployed people in related activities that help develop the community and the local economy. We provide career counselling, and practical work experience, which is a valuable asset for anyone looking for meaningful employment. We help develop the skills and knowledge of people to enter the work force while providing valuable services to the community.

CARE FOR ANIMAL: Project GOPALAN ( www.sahay.org/gopalan ).